The Grayl Water Purifier Bottle

"I only used 4 plastic water bottles in 4 months of being in South and Central America. 85% of the time, I was using my Grayl to filter tap water from hostels. The other 15%, I would be on a hike. If there was a lake, I was purifying and then pouring it into my reusable water bottle. Even when I hiked the Colca Canyon, when we landed at the “oasis” with jell-oed legs and feeling scorched from the sun, I went straight to the faucet in the rickety-built washrooms (after I drank my much needed cerveza) and purified water to drink that night and the next morning. Again, my travel mates would purchase more plastic water bottles...." – Jenny, Founder of Wakeful Travel

A women's hand holding the Grayl water purifier bottle with a crystal blue lake in the background

How The Grayl Water Purifying Bottle Works

1. Take out the inside layer that has the filter

2. Fill outer water bottle to the line

3. Place the inside layer inside the outer

4. Sit it on the ground or a lower surface and press down slowly, this should take around 15 seconds

5. Drink or pour the water into a reusable water bottle and drink

The best part is that you can get around 350 presses from one filter, and the bottle lasts a lifetime. If you are filtering dirtier water, or water with sediment in it more often, then your filter life will decrease. You’ll know when to replace the filter, because your press time will double to 30 seconds.

Grayl also has an awesome zero-waste initiative and encourages  purchasers to send back used filters in a prepaid mailer. Then, they’ll recycle them properly.

What Does The Grayl Water Bottle Filter Out?

It filters out 99.999% of viruses and bacteria, plus it removes heavy metals and microplastics.

Compared to the Lifestraw water bottles, with the Grayl, you purify it all at once, you don’t have to drink it through the straw to purify it. This means you can prepare. If you know you have a long hike ahead, you can filter water once, dump it into a reusable water bottle, then filter again. Boom you have two water bottles full of clean drinking water. With a Lifestraw bottle, you drink the water through the straw to purify it, so you can only fill the bottle once and then have to wait until you find another water source for the next fill.

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