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Custom or White Labelled Journals for Your Brand

a man looks down at his orange integration journal while sitting on cushions

If you are a psychedelic organization or center, then you know how important preparation and integration is.

With over six years of experience in the retreat and psychedelic space, we've  heard from hundreds or retreat participants, clinic patients, and microdosers that they wished they had something more than just a blank notebook to write down the insights that came through in their macro and microdosing journeys. 

They wished they had a tool that they could use to ground down and prepare for what some describe as some of the most profound experiences of their lives.

A tool that could live beside them on their mat while they went deep into their consciousness.

A tool that could guide them through their important integration process.

A tool to hold them accountable and walk them through a 6-week microdosing protocol.

As a psychedelic professional, you've got a lot on on your plate. You're navigating through an emerging and exciting, yet an incredibly complex "industry". Creating a journal for your participants or clients would take a ton of time and energy. And you need to be smart with your resources. 

When you work with Wakeful Travel, the process is simple.

• We'll hop on a call to get to know each other and see if we're a good fit.

• Then we'll talk about your needs as an organization and have you fill out a vision form. Who do you serve? Why do you want to create a journal? How many experiences do you run a year?

• An in depth intake will follow so we can know which package would work best fro your brand (either co-branded, white label, or custom) and so that we can understand exactly what type of content and artwork of Wakeful's you'd like to keep, edit, or remove. 

• A proposal is then sent with the deliverables outlined.

• Wakeful Travel works its magic to deliver a beautiful branded journal. We handle all of the communications with the manufacturer, artists, and designers. We also ensure that your journals are shipped directly to you, without the hassle of dealing with brokers and customs. 

Reach out to us or email if this is something your organization is interested in.

"It has been a positive experience working with Jenalle at Wakeful Travel. Having her team take care of all of the project management, integration of our copy, journal structure creation, design management, manufacturing and shipping was truly valuable. With her original content, combined with our preparation prompts and integration education, we were able to make a custom journal that we love.

Jenalle's extensive experience working professionally in the retreat and psychedelic space–along with personally attending psychedelic retreats herself–shined through the entire journal project.

We are looking forward to sharing these journals with our guests at Dimensions Algonquin Highlands!"

 –Melanie Coates, Director, Marketing and Communications, Dimensions Retreats

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