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jenalle dion


My name’s Jenny. I love yoga, hiking, snowboarding, climbing and surfing. On the dance floor, I like to boogie my ass off to anything house, funk or drum and bass. I have a huge appreciation for nutritious food… and a well-made cocktail. I love cruelty-free products. I love meeting new people.

If I’m not out exploring the world, I’m adventuring in my own back yard (and sharing it on Instagram) in the beautiful Kootenays, British Columbia.

I’ve always been a curious soul and had visited 14 countries before I turned 21. While on my travels, I wished I had a tool to document everything in one place.

There were countless times where I would forget the name of a local spot, hike or restaurant. I wanted a space to write down rad books, blogs and other resources travellers would tell me about too. Sometimes, my thoughts would overflow and I just needed to pour my heart out on paper.

As I continued adventuring, I realized the importance of ethical and sustainable travel. And the benefits of practicing yoga while on the road. And, just how much a simple colouring page could help someone’s mental health.

Wakeful Travel is more than just a journal. It’s a community. An opportunity to stay connected to yourself and others.

I’m stoked you're here, doin’ life with me.



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