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jenalle dion


My name’s Jenny. I love yoga, hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking, and frolicking in the forest. On the dance floor, I like to boogie my ass off to anything house, funk or drum and bass. I have a huge appreciation for nutritious food… and a well-made cocktail. I love cruelty-free products. I love meeting new people. And co-creating together.

If I’m not out exploring the world, I’m adventuring in my own back yard (and sharing it on Instagram) in the beautiful British Columbia.

I’ve always been a curious soul and had visited 14 countries before I turned 21. While on my travels, I wished I had a tool to document everything in one place.

I soon created the Mindful Travel Journal and found myself working for a retreat start up as Head of Content. This is where my plant medicine journey began—sitting with ayahuasca, huachuma, and mushrooms.

COVID19 hit to shake things up, and I lost my job. I was just weeks away from launching the Mindful Travel Journal—and NO ONE in the WORLD was traveling. 

I asked myself: What other tools could I create to support people in their transformation. 

Enter the Wakeful Integration Journal for macrodosing journeys. And soon after, the 6-Week Wakeful Intention Journal, for microdosing.

I'm now ready to share these three tools with the world. 

And better yet? I'm working with mushroom supplement brands, retreat centers, and addiction clinics to create their own co-branded or white labelled journals

So that everyone has access to a deeply needed tool in this space.

I hope you'll join me on the journey.

To being a Wakeful Traveler.



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